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Welcome to Visual Dosis the personal blog of Rodrigo Jimenez. Here you will find one of my latest design projects One Design x Day as well as a couple other work in progress projects such as the Design Collectives, and an exposure of my favorite visual findings from around the web.

Promoting other artists work is an important aspect about Visual Dosis, because there is a lot of great work being produced out there from great artists, and VD will make sure to support and spread the word from great artists.

Collective projects it’s an exciting open call that Visual Dosis is presenting to all artists of any industry to join challenging and fun projects that have a good cause. I believe design has a particular power and with the right approach I think design can make this a better world. It might be designing a poster to collect money for the victims for a particular disaster or working around a particular quote that might help people reflect around it or creating illustrations in support of a particular endangered animal species.

Pretty much this wraps up the reason of existence of this blog, I’m very excited this is happening, and I’m sure great things will come out of this.


Rodrigo Jimenez